On 7 July 500 children attended three concerts in the beautiful setting of Causeway School Theatre, Eastbourne.  Kidenza an orchestra of 14 performed a selection of the BBC Ten Pieces.   Many of the children had also attended our body percussion workshops so were excited to put their enhanced listening skills into action.  It was truly heartwarming to see so many children loving the performances which ranged from Beethoven to Stravinsky from Baroque to Minimalist in style.IMG_0898

The project started in February with CPD workshops for teachers at Fairlight Hall.  The Fairlight Trust who underwrite the Hastings International Piano Concerto Competition worked closely with us to help engage teachers, children and their parents many of whom were also treated to performances from high class pianists.

In March we began our series of 7 days of workshops.  Working with the highly energetic and inspirational Ollie Tunmer of Beat Goes On each day of two workshops hosted up to 45 children.  They were treated to an exhausting schedule of body percussion and latin american percussion techniques all revolving around the central theme of BBC Ten Pieces feature piece – Mambo from West Side Story.  Parents attended our concerts some of which also featured fabulous piano recitals.

It remains for us to write up the wonderful reviews for the Arts Council evaluation.  I’m sure they’ll find the project was stimulating, worthwhile and impactful.  We’re definitely going to continue planning and sourcing funds for future projects.

Here are a few quotes from the children, teachers & parents:

“MAMBO!!!! !!!! AMAZING :)” (Student)

“Ollie was just awesome. Great Dude, made getting involved so much fun” (Student)

“I am now really confident with everything I did and I would love to do it again!” (Student)

“I liked doing it because it was fun, fast and flowing and I really enjoyed it” (Student)

“I loved the carnival atmosphere the children’s music made.  I loved the look of concentration on their faces” (Parent)

“Very important exposure to classical music for the kids.  fun activity for the pupils” (Parent)

“Very professionally delivered, Ollie’s energy and concentration were amazing!” (Teacher)

“Some of our most disengaged children took part today and it was wonderful to see them really engage, enjoy and really try it” (Teacher)